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My Sexy Alpha Bad Boy  - FEATURED BOOK

This book is now available in paperback!  

Follow this link to order and ship! 


My first paperback - it's a souvenir!

Also available at Amazon.com in paperback and from select book stores. I'm working on trying to get it more widely available.  Will keep you posted on where it is available!

Let me know some bookstores near you so I can contact them and make the book available there! 

There exist among us two worlds, the human world and the animal world and they both live by totally different rules.
Tessa Campbell is a young werewolf who has chosen to live her life by human rules and standards, but when hunters murder her father, she is forced to flee with her Mom to GreenRidge, where she finds herself thrust into a society where the rules and standards of the animal kingdom dominate, where he wolves claim mates, where every day is a learning experience and where everything she thought she knew about life is completely irrelevant. 

Tessa soon realizes that life has never prepared her for something like this or for someone like the hot, sexy, arrogant and obsessive bad boy Alpha.

Ebook available at:  www.amazon.com and www.smashwords.com (Search - Darlene Gibbs)